If you’ve decided to sell your house then the next step you take is to make some improvements to its exterior and interior.

Professional home stagers say that taking the time to make your home shine is the absolute best way to ensure that your real estate agent will be able to sell your property in a reasonable amount of time for the price that it’s worth. But it doesn’t need to cost a fortune, as long as you’ve kept your home in reasonable shape.

Here are a few minor improvement projects you’ll want to plan to complete before your home is listed and you’ll want to do it without spending overboard.

First Things First

In real estate, as with so many things in life, first impressions are everything. That’s why the first thing you should focus on improving is how the outside of your house looks, commonly known as curb appeal. That’s because the exterior of your property is the first thing a potential buyer sees.

​Cosmetic touches such as making sure your lawn is mowed and your shrubbery is trimmed are a must. If your house has siding that is weathered you should invest in getting it pressured washed. Some companies advertise that they will pressure wash any house for just $199. Or if you want to save some money and you have the time, you could rent a pressure washer. It goes without saying that if there is any siding missing, it should also be replaced.

​If your house doesn’t have siding and it hasn’t been painted in a few years, consider putting on a new coat or two. This should include painting your front and garage doors.

Inside Improvements Will Boost Its Value

Again, inside cosmetic improvements can help you get top dollar for your home. You should focus on improving the first impression a potential buyer gets when they enter it. If the tile in your foyer is dated or cracked, replace it. However, don’t improve something that is in fair shape but just needs to be scrubbed.
For example, sometimes bathtub faucets can be spotted, dull and grimy. That’s the time to clean and polish them, resurrecting their original shine and beauty. As with the exterior of your home, a coat or two of paint can cover up blemishes and accentuate the architectural lines of your home. It’s not unusual for those putting their homes up for sale to have second thoughts after sprucing the old place up!

Super Clean Bathrooms and Kitchens


Cleanliness is something a potential buyer will see, smell and notice throughout your home, but especially in the bathrooms and kitchen. As a result, home staging experts recommend thoroughly cleaning your entire house, but cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms with bleach.
They also suggest fixing any dripping faucets because they are a major turn off to potential buyers. So do repair them if you have this problem. Sadly, it’s often such little things that can kill a sale.

Say Goodbye to Clutter

Finally, improving the appearance of your home so it will show at its best can sometimes be an exercise in subtraction rather than addition. Staging professionals say clutter is the No. 1 reason potential homebuyers reject some of the most pristine properties they’re shown.

​Clutter is insidious because it happens slowly over the years and finally forces home sellers to remove or pare down some of their favorite pieces of furniture and decorations. It also forces them to get rid of the junk that’s been accumulating over the years in their garages, basements and especially their closets. But get rid of it you must, if you hope to sell your house for a high-market price.

If you follow these suggestions, experts say you can expect your property to stand out from the rest, sell at a good price — and do so in a reasonable period of time!